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Start Your Day with The Best Coffee in Noosa

Coffee is a staple in many people’s daily routine and is often used as a way to start the day on a positive note. Noosa, a popular tourist destination known for its stunning beaches and natural beauty, is home to some of the best coffee shops and cafes. In this article, we will highlight THE BEST COFFEE IN NOOSA and why it’s worth a try. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just looking for a great cup of joe, this guide will show you why Noosa is the place to be for coffee lovers. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of coffee in Noosa.

First Batch Coffee Roasters

At First Batch Coffee Roasters, we are dedicated to delivering only the finest coffee experience to the people of Noosa and the Sunshine Coast region. We are committed to sourcing only the highest quality coffee beans from reputable producers, and then carefully roasting each bean to bring out its full potential. This results in a premium sensory experience that is second to none.

The First Batch Coffee Roasters was founded in 2015 and is the brainchild of coffee enthusiasts who were passionate about providing a top-notch coffee experience to the local community. The foundation of our business is our strong commitment to the community, and we take pride in growing and nurturing a team of highly dedicated and passionate coffee lovers. Our team, starting from our knowledgeable baristas to our quality producers and cafes we supply, is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

At First Batch Coffee Roasters, we believe that a great cup of coffee is more than just a beverage – it is a way of life. That is why we have built a family that extends beyond our Noosa roasting house, and why we are dedicated to providing the best coffee experience possible to everyone who walks through our doors.

Costa Noosa Espresso

Costa Noosa Espresso is a family-owned roasting house and espresso bar that is dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible specialty coffee experience. The company is passionate about coffee, and it shows in the care and attention that goes into every aspect of their business.

To ensure that they are delivering the highest quality coffee to their customers, Costa Noosa works closely with green bean suppliers from around the world to purchase only the best “A grade” 100% Arabica coffee. They understand that the quality of the coffee starts with the beans, and they are committed to providing their customers with the best possible product.

One of the hallmarks of Costa Noosa Espresso is the care and attention they put into their roasting process. They roast their coffee daily to ensure that it is always fresh and consistent, and the end result is a rich, velvety crema and full-bodied flavor that is truly second to none.

While Costa Noosa Espresso does sell a selection of locally-made cakes and pastries at their Sunshine Beach espresso bar, they are primarily focused on their coffee. For them, the fragrance, aroma, and great taste of their coffee is what really matters, and they are dedicated to providing their customers with an unforgettable coffee experience. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or just looking for a great cup of coffee, Costa Noosa Espresso is the place to go.

Clandestino Coffee

Clandestino is a café that is serious about coffee. Opening its doors in 2011, the café is located inside Belmondos Organic Market and boasts a spacious interior that is perfect for those looking for a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy their coffee.

One of the highlights of Clandestino is its brew bar, which is the first of its kind on the Sunshine Coast. With four grinders constantly grinding house-roasted coffee, this café is the perfect place to go for a consistently delicious espresso. However, if you’re looking for something a little different, Clandestino also offers a range of other brewing methods, including syphons, clovers, pour overs, cold brews, chemex, and more.

To make the most of your time at Clandestino, be sure to order some healthy eats from Vanilla Food and grab a seat in the back of the café. You can also take advantage of the free WIFI (just ask the staff for the password) and use the time to get some work done. With the caffeine kick you’ll get from the coffee, you’ll be able to power through your tasks in no time.

Padre Coffee Noosa

Padre Coffee, hailing from Melbourne, established its roastery and retail store in Noosa back in 2015. The store is situated among charity shops and boasts a minimalist interior that is filled with natural light, making it an ideal spot to enjoy some of the best coffee in Noosa.

For coffee aficionados, a highlight of Padre’s store is the wall of windows behind the coffee station, which provides a view of the restored 1923 cast iron roaster from Venice, Italy. The roaster is a beautiful piece of equipment that adds to the overall atmosphere of the store.

If you consider yourself a home barista, Padre has got you covered. They offer coffee subscriptions, so you can have your favorite coffee beans delivered straight to your door, whether it’s a blend, single origin, or filter roast. With this convenient service, you’ll never have to worry about running out of your favorite coffee again.

Humdrum Espresso

Humdrum Espresso is a must-visit destination for those exploring the Noosa Hinterland or visiting the Original Eumundi Markets in Eumundi. This popular local coffee shop recently underwent a renovation and now serves Padre coffee, ensuring a high-quality coffee experience. With a range of milk options, Humdrum Espresso is able to accommodate all different tastes.

Parents will also appreciate Humdrum Espresso as it offers a fail-proof solution for when their kids need to be lured away from the playground next door. Their babycinos are a hit with young ones and provide a sweet treat for little ones to enjoy. So, whether you’re exploring the area or simply need a caffeine fix, make sure to stop by Humdrum Espresso for a delightful coffee experience.

Hand of Fatima Cafe

Hand of Fatima, located in the convenient Peregian Beach Village, is a well-loved coffee shop by early-rising locals. Known for its early opening hours, starting at 5am, it provides a perfect opportunity for a morning coffee after a swim at the nearby beach.

Customers can enjoy a warm and inviting atmosphere by pulling up a stool in the sunshine and savoring a strong and smooth Allpress coffee. To enhance their coffee experience, Hand of Fatima offers a variety of housemade savory muffins that complement their coffee perfectly, creating a match made in heaven in Peregian. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, be sure to stop by Hand of Fatima for a fantastic coffee experience.

MOTO, Noosa

Moto is considered one of the best kept secrets for coffee lovers in Noosa. Located in a discreet location off the main street of Noosa Junction, this cozy cafe offers a unique blend of coffee called the Moto Roast, which was created in partnership with the well-known local coffee roasters, Clandestino. In addition to their exceptional coffee, Moto also serves a limited but delicious all-day brunch menu. For those who have the opportunity, stopping by on the weekends is highly recommended as they also serve local beers, sustainable wines, and delicious Asian cuisine in the evenings. If you are looking for a cozy and laid-back cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee, fill up on brunch, or sample some local beers and Asian cuisine, then Moto is definitely worth a visit.

Entity Coffee

Entity Coffee, located in the charming neighborhood of Sunshine Beach, is the perfect destination for coffee lovers seeking the ultimate weekend vibe. With its sprawling multi-level deck surrounded by pandanus trees, Entity Coffee provides the ideal outdoor seating area to savor a freshly brewed, house-roasted flat white coffee. As one of the smaller coffee roasteries on the Sunshine Coast, Entity Coffee offers a cozy, intimate atmosphere for those looking for a leisurely, pre-beach caffeine boost. The velvety texture and rich flavor of their coffee will make you feel like you are on vacation, every day.

Zabé Espresso Bar

Zabé in Tewantin is an inviting and cozy coffee shop that transports you to the comfort of your Aunty’s home. Upon entering, you’ll find a warm and welcoming atmosphere filled with comfortable couches, a variety of games, retro decorations, and even a piano! The baristas at Zabé are dedicated to providing their customers with a truly exceptional coffee experience and to achieve this, they use locally-roasted beans from Clandestino. The friendly staff and inclusive atmosphere ensure that Zabé is a popular destination for people of all ages looking for a comfortable escape from the bustling crowds of Noosa. After enjoying your coffee, you can take a leisurely walk along the river to the Noosa Regional Gallery for some cultural stimulation.

Fox and Hound Espresso

Fox and Hound, located in the charming town of Cooroy, is a hidden gem that has a dedicated group of local fans. Situated in a vintage bakery along the main street, this cozy coffee shop serves up delicious coffee made with beans from the renowned Melbourne brand, Padre. Early risers can enjoy the sunshine while relaxing on the unique pallet furniture and sipping on a perfectly crafted latte with the best latte art swan you’ll ever come across. Whether you’re looking for a morning pick-me-up or just want to savor a quality cup of coffee, Fox and Hound is the perfect destination.

Little Cove Coffee

If you have an intense period of study ahead of you and you anticipate being confined to your home for the entire weekend, it is essential that you have access to a good cup of coffee. In this situation, your best option is to rely on Little Cove café, a well-known coffee establishment that is renowned for its quality. They take pride in roasting their own coffee beans and providing a home delivery service, ensuring that you do not even need to change out of your pajamas to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

However, if you find yourself with a break from your studies or are looking for a change of scenery, Little Cove café also has a charming café that offers stunning views of the river. This is the perfect place to relax and unwind with a cup of coffee and take in the peaceful surroundings. Whether you are studying or simply looking for a relaxing coffee break, Little Cove café is the ideal destination to satisfy your coffee cravings.

Providore on Hastings

When you find yourself in the need of quickly assembling all the essentials for a spontaneous picnic, Providore on Hastings is the perfect place to go. With a vast selection of gourmet cheeses and cured meats, along with premium coffee made from locally roasted Little Cove beans, you can quickly gather everything you need to make your picnic a success.

In just a matter of minutes, you can have all the delicious treats you need in your possession, ready to be enjoyed. Whether you choose to have your picnic on a nearby park bench, at the beach, or even on a billionaire’s yacht sipping champagne, you can have your feast ready to go in no time.

With its convenient location and wide range of offerings, Providore on Hastings is the ideal spot for those seeking to quickly put together a delightful picnic. So why wait? Grab your goodies and enjoy the beautiful weather and good company!






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